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How to create consumer products as a non-technical founder | #04 BTC - Todd Youngblood and Daniel Weinmann

In this episode of Beyond Technical, I had the great pleasure of talking with Todd Youngblood, the CEO & founder of Kryo. Todd shared his journey as a non-technical founder to create consumer products that help us sleep better.

Unstoppable founders who make things happen | #02 Beyond Technical - David Wadler and Daniel Weinmann

It's an honor to introduce you to David Wadler, a startup founder, angel investor, and our guest on this episode of Beyond Technical.

New opportunities for startups with equity crowdfunding | EP#01 - Beyond Technical with Jason Best and Daniel Weinmann

If you ever came across equity crowdfunding, it’s because Jason Best and his partners helped make it legal in the US. I couldn’t be happier to have this conversation in our 1st episode of Beyond Technical - The Non-Technical Founders Podcast.

Trailer: Beyond Technical - The Non-Technical Founders Podcast

Every opinion, theory, or thought that I share is inspired either from my own journey and experiences, or from the many amazing people that have worked with me, inspired me, or simply crossed my path. By sharing our struggles and experiences with each other, we can all grow personally and professionally. This has motivated me to start this podcast for us to learn together. I’m very excited to invite you to join us on Beyond Technical - The Non-Technical Founders Podcast. I had to go from non-technical to CTO to bring my startups to life. And in this podcast, I will share some of these experiences with you through insightful conversations with amazing people I have met along the way. What do you say? Let's go BEYOND TECHNICAL?